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2. gluten intolerance

October 1, 2010

About two years ago, in hopes of addressing my “Mystery Illness” I decided to try one last thing before offing myself. I paid for a very expensive naturopath, and I laid out my whole story before her. She said, “I’ve seen this before, and I can help you. Your liver is shot, and we have to very carefully rebuild it.”

This was complete bullshit. My liver is fine, but I didn’t know that then. Desperate, I did as she said. As part of her treatment, she put me on a very restrictive diet: oatmeal, fish, brown rice, and steamed vegetables.

I started to feel better. Not well, mind you, but better. I started to add other foods when she told me to, and the Mystery Illness returned. Eventually a friend said, “You know, it sounds like a wheat allergy. Why don’t you stop eating wheat for a while?”

So I did. I felt better and better. So I gave up gluten entirely (no oatmeal, in other words, or soy sauce). The severity of the Mystery illness dramatically diminished. It wasn’t gone, but it was definitely better. Livable.

That was about a year ago. I have been totally gluten free since then, and I have felt so much better, it’s hard to believe I came so close to ending it all. Again, I still have bad days, but it’s so much better it’s amazing. I feel like it was a miracle.

Needless to say, I stopped going to the expensive naturopath. She didn’t have a clue, either.

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